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Richard Parsons

Rich is a Jing trained therapist, completing the body work beginner’s in 2015. He has since gone on to study Aromatherapy and how the essential oils can aid balance to the body.

Since taking the foundation course into the world of body work his interest in how the body needs to relax to heal he has gone on to complete the following courses to complement the deeply relaxing massage.

Jing lower back pain

Jing shoulder girdle

Jing neck and shoulder

Jing carpel tunnel

Jing Hip and pelvis

Jing leg , knee and foot

Jing Hot stones’s fusion.

Using a fusion of trigger point , Swedish, deep tissue , hot stones and Amma.

Richard Parsons – Massage Therapist

Richard Parsons

Massage Therapist

Richard’s passion for body work and offering a relaxation massage that is deep and focused based to ease area’s of pain and discomfort stored in the body.

SB Somerset


My Mum booked me in to help me get through my GCSE’s. All I could think about was failing and forgetting everything I had read which stopped me revising. Nick taught me to relax and everything else just fell into place. My Mum said I am a lot nicer to live with as well. Once I had got the hang of it, the self-hypnosis was awesome!

– SB, age 15, Somerset



tp bucks


Hi Nick, just a quick note to let you know I went in a lift today for the first time in 15 years

– TP, age 50, Buckinghamshire



GP Wilts


After yo-yoing for the last 20 years (at least) I had 3 sessions with Nick and have now lost over 2 stone and do not feel I am missing out on anything. Finding the reason for my overeating was the key and have not looked back since. I cannot thank you enough.

– GP, age 44, Wiltshire



SB Dorset


I have always been afraid of heights but it was starting to affect my daily routine. One session (loved the NLP) and I feel like a different person ladders, bridges, outside stair no problem

– SB, age 34, Dorset



BW Dorset


Yaaay I passed thank you for your help!

– BW, age 22, Dorset



JC Wiltshire


I used to hide around the corner at school pick up and once the children were let out run in and make out I was running late to avoid conversation. I was always worried that I would have nothing to say. I went to see Nick twice and he gave me a recording to listen to at night and I now go in early and have even made some good friends. I would highly recommend DHC

– JC, age 41, Wiltshire